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Campbell's Latherizer

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latherizer.jpg (19958 bytes) Latherizer
Complete W/  liquid lather cream.
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Name Image Description Item Price Buy
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Introducing the Next Generation Latherking, featuring:

  • A lighted On/Off Switch

  • Amazing One Touch Lever for single handed activation

  • Extra-Large Soap Reservoir

  • The ONLY professional hot lather machine with UL Certification in the U.S. and Canada

  • Supplies two barbers all day

  • Completely enclosed universal motor protected from rust and corrosion

  • Waterproof heater

#J-2016 $189.95 No Stock


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Part# Image Description Price Buy
CBP016 Switch 20.00 In Stock
P0055 Valve Guide.JPG (88144 bytes) Valve Guide 2.56  
CBP032 Cord Clamp.jpg (219295 bytes) Cord Clamp .36  
CBP012 Rear Shield 8.50 In Stock
CBP011 Rubber Packing.JPG (135558 bytes) Rubber Packing 5.30 In Stock
CBP010   Mtr Screw w/stems .50  
CBP033   Cover & Cord Clamp Screw .15  
CBP020   Rubber Feet 2.20 In stock
CBP001 Feed Screw.JPG (204905 bytes) Feed Screw/Auger 14.15 In Stock
CBP034   Orange Silicone Washer .75 In Stock
CBP037 Soap Cup Lid.JPG (256491 bytes) Soap Cup Lid 10.00 In Stock
CBP023   Hsg Screw 1.00  
CBP021 Cup Top Gasket 6.75 In Stock
CBP006 Body Casting 62.85  
CBP003   Lwr Hsg Charcoal 18.10  
CBP017   Upper Hsg White 27.50  
P0199 Lwr Hsg Beige 18.95  
CBP008 Heating Assm..jpg (667053 bytes) Heating Element 14.50 No Stock
CBP015 Switch Gasket 5.15 In Stock
CBP022   Decorative Bands  6.50  
CBP005 Charcoal Push Knob.jpg (1250079 bytes) Push Button Charcoal 5.20 Limited Stock
CBP009 Motor

Feed Screw &
Rear Shield
(Not Included)

111.30 No Stock
CBP018 Valve Assembly 20.50 In Stock
CBP004 Beige Push Know.jpg (915932 bytes) Push Knob Beige 5.10 Limited Stock
CBP027 Insulator Box.JPG (341681 bytes) Insulator Box 8.70 In Stock
CBP007   Cord 9.25 In Stock
CBP019 Bottom Cup Gasket 7.50 In Stock
CBP013 Soap Cup 17.50 In Stock
CBP000 Valve Cup Washer.jpg (514483 bytes) Valve Cup Washer 6.30 In Stock


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