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Manicure Pedicure And Waxing Products  

Manicure Pedicure And Waxing Products are in stock ready for shipment. We have files, 
powders, liquid, grinding bits, Out The Door, Yellow Stopper, Hologram Out The Door
top coat, both Silver & Gold, Cuticle oil, INM nail tip, Waxing Supplies, GI GI wax, 
Lint Free Wipes & Muslin Cloth just a few of the items
Ivory's has in stock, ready for 

Pedicure/Manicure Implements.
Pedicure Pedipaks: Hygienic pedicure slipper for day spa. use
Reusable, sanitizable, high quality nail slippers. Complete with finger, toe separators
manicure brush plastic sani. file & birchwood sticks.

Manicure Products
1.Tammy Taylor
2.Designers Dream.-Powders, Liquids, Nail Tips and Files.
3.No Lift Nails-Primer
4.Yellow Stopper
5.Creative Nail Design.-SolarOil, Nail Fresh, Tips, etc.
6.Cuticle oil's
7.Out The Door. [Clear]
8. Out The Door [Northern Lights Silver or Gold]

Gold Coated Carbide Bits have cool cutting characteristics 
 and last longer than diamonds.

Gold Coated Carbide Bits      
3/32" Shank   Part # Price  
3/32" Shank
Large Barrel  Coarse
191187 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Large Barrel Medium
191065 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Large Barrel Fine
191147 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Small Barrel Medium
191066 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Small Barrel Fine
191188 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Football Medium
191190 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Cone Medium
191067 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Under Nail Cleaner
191068 $15.95
3/32" Shank
2 Week Backfill
191189 $15.95
3/32" Shank
4 Week Backfill
191203 $15.95

Titanium Nitride-Coated Bits are very durable, last up to 
 3 Times longer than gold-dipped carbide, stay sharper longer.

Titanium Nitride Coated Bits      
3/32" Shank    Part # Price  
3/32" Shank
Large Barrel
011301 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Small Barrel
011302 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Large Cone
011303 $15.95
3/32" Shank
Small Cone ( Cleaner)
011304 $15.95


Grinder  Description Model # Ship Weight Price  
wpe1.jpg (13397 bytes) Dremel Cordless Grinder. MiniMite. This kit has 5 accessories, Two Speed 13,000 RPM. 4.8V Reachable battery & charger    #750-02 2 Lbs. $59.95
wpe6.jpg (9276 bytes) Medicool 
Pro Bands.
Premium grade red sanding bands, fit all standard mandrels. 100 Bands per. box.
#SBCR 6oz. $14.72


Mini Wipes Description Model # Ship Weight Price
wpe12.jpg (15991 bytes) 50 Sheets
4"x 4" New Improved! softer, stronger & more absorbent.
3oz. $1.50

Prices are subject to change without notice

CREDIT CARD ORDERS: We need your name, phone number [Home and / or  work],
card number, expiration date and home mailing address for a credit card match and 
CVV verification. Cards are cleared through a Master Clearing Center.


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